Online CRRN Review: A Knowledge Check


The Course To Help You Prepare for the CRRN Exam!

ARN has developed this course to double-check your CRRN knowledge in preparation of the CRRN examination.

The Online CRRN Review is delivered in a unique and highly effective self-guided environment using a multiple choice Q&A format. It takes you through those things you already know efficiently and focuses your attention on the areas you need to improve upon.

Earn Up To 12 CH

The Online CRRN Review offers 12 contact hours and it follows the CRRN exam blueprint, utilizing questions and answers written and reviewed by experts in the field. With 16 modules, there is an opportunity to review each domain and task included in the CRRN exam.

Modules Map to the CRRN Exam Outline

Domain I: Rehabilitation Nursing Models and Theories

Task 1: incorporate evidence-based practice, models & theories into patient-centered care

Domain II: Functional Health Patterns

Apply the nursing process to:

Task 1: optimize the restoration & preservation of the individual's health & well-being
Task 2: promote optimal nutrition
Task 3: optimize the individual's elimination patterns
Task 4: optimize the individual’s highest level of functional ability
Task 5: optimize the individual's sleep & rest patterns
Task 6: optimize the individual's neurological function
Task 7: promote the individual’s optimal psychosocial patterns & holistic well-being
Task 8: optimize coping & stress management skills of the individual & caregivers
Task 9: optimize the individual's ability to communicate effectively

Domain III: The Function of the Rehabilitation Team and Community Reintegration

Task 1: collaborate with the interdisciplinary / inter-professional team to achieve patient-centered goals
Task 2: apply the nursing process to promote the individual's community reintegration

Domain IV: Legislative, Economic, Ethical, and Legal Issues

Task 1: integrate legislation & regulations to guide management of care
Task 2: use the nursing process to deliver cost-effective patient-centered care
Task 3: integrate ethical considerations & legal obligations that affect nursing practice
Task 4: integrate quality & safety in patient-centered care

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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of all of the modules, the learner will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge and application of principles and processes integral to rehabilitation nursing across each of the domains and tasks included in the CRRN examination
  • identify care strategies used to improve health and function of patients in the rehabilitation setting
  • understand the nursing process employed in patient-centered care
  • integrate legislation and regulations to guide the management of patient-centered care


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ARN recommends The Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing: A Core Curriculum and/or The Professional Rehabilitation Nursing Online Course as additional resources to prepare for the CRRN exam.

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