Catch Up with ARN Reach 2020 Spotlight Sessions

Despite the difficult times we are living in, healthcare professionals all over the country were able to attend this year's REACH conference from the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses. Attendees earned continuing nursing education credits at online lectures, case studies, and clinical paper sessions.

Didn't get a chance to attend? Don't worry. Now, both ARN members and non-members will be able to purchase an on-demand pass to 14 of the most impactful sessions from the conference. You can earn up to 14.5 CNE credits, all for one low price ($199 for ARN members, $249 for non-members). Access to session recordings will open on January 11 and close on April 2, so act now and secure your on-demand sessions ahead of the access window! 

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Check Out These 14 Sessions

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Care and Education of SCI Patients

Claudia T. Kitchin, MSN RN CRRN

Learn the impairment scale classification according to the American Spinal Injury Association, understand other SCI syndromes, and be prepared to educate patients about the prevention and management of Autonomic Dysreflexia.

ARN Research Symposium—Nursing Students with Disabilities: An Integrative Review

Leslie Neal-Boylan, PhD APRN CRRN FAAN

The prevalence of nursing students with disabilities is increasing. We'll explore the results of a 170-article literature review examining whether perceptions have changed over time and analyze the implications of recent research—including noncompliance with the ADA.

It's Not All About Wheelchairs: Supporting Mental Health in the Rehabilitation Patient

Cheryl A. Lehman, PhD RN RN-BC CRRN

Learn how to realize the importance of mental health support in the rehabilitation setting and to consider the importance of targeted interventions.

Falls: Explore and Connect QI, EBP, and Research

Susan Fowler, PhD RN CNRN FAHA (Director)

Join a panel of five doctors and nurses to explore the topic of falls connecting processes and outcomes within three approaches — quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and research.

Rehabilitation Nurses Panel: Demystifying Stroke Care Across the Continuum


Examine transitions of care across the stroke continuum and their impact on optimizing patient outcomes.

All Hands on Deck: The Opioid Crisis in Population Health Perspective

Sophie Nathenson, PhD

Learn implications for care and where health professionals can engage with social determinants.

Being a Change Agent in Changing Times

Susan Fowler, PhD RN CNRN FAHA

Discuss the utilization of models and theories to facilitate successful change, and the characteristics and role of a change agent.

Integrating Advance Care Planning as Part of Routine Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments

Maria Cantu-Cooper, MD

Focusing on older adults, you'll hear how care can be individualized for aging physiology and co-morbidities, by discussing what matters most through advance care planning.

Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Managing Behavior of Patients with a TBI and other Challenging Populations: An Interdisciplinary Approach

A. Elizabeth Koyle, PT DPT MBA PhD and Katie Palmer, MA LPC

Learn three non-pharmacological techniques to be utilized with challenging patient behaviors.

Mentoring: Sharing the Love of Rehabilitation Nursing

Donna Williams, RN MSN CRRN

Learn the importance of relationships, behavior, and engagement with those we work with, both peers and supervisors.

Sexual Function, Intimacy, Fertility, and Reproduction After Spinal Cord Injury

Gina Biter-Mundt, MA Kinesiology

Identify the human sexual response cycle and understand the changes that occur after an SCI, including a discussion about sexuality in your assessment of patient readiness.

Case Study Session: Getting Over the Fear of Falling After a Stroke and Mrs. Jones' Last Hurrah

Getting Over the Fear of Falling After a Stroke

Applying Mauk's Post-Stroke recovery model to a stroke survivor five years after her initial illness will be the focus of this case study, along with looking at various ways to improve their balance and potentially prevent falls.

Mrs. Jones' Last Hurrah: A Final Tribute to a Rehabilitation Nurse

The final chapter in Mrs. Jones' journey is an account of a cascade of events that occurred following an 86-year-old retired nurse's seizure caused by a brain mass.

Case Study Session: Overcoming Challenges: Interdisciplinary Teamwork for the Complex International Patient and The Art of Rehabilitation Nursing Assessment

Overcoming Challenges: Interdisciplinary Teamwork for the Complex International Patient

Learn how a team who was presented with a complex international patient, ensured the family was trained and educated to provide quality care at discharge.

The Art of Rehabilitation Nursing Assessment

This case study focuses on a patient's journey from one health continuum to the next, as an avoidable complication dictated his path to a less desirable destination.

Clinical Paper Session: Nurse Self-Care and Support

Nurses: Caring for the Caregiver Is That Person in the Mirror
Virginia "Becky" R. Thayer, MSN RN CRRN

Vulnerability & Resilience: Dynamic Concepts for Caregiver Self-Care Strategies
Emily M. Havrilla, PhD CRNP ANP-BC CRRN

Supporting New Nurses Through the Standardization of a Preceptorship
Corina M. James Scribner, BSN RN CRRN

Purchase access by phone (800.229.7530) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) through February 22. 

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