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ARN staff and volunteers strive to create tools and resources to help you practice Rehabilitation Nursing to the best of your abilities. Tools to document basic rehabilitation nursing competencies, measure staff performance, connect with peers, resources for your patients and their caregivers, and support you throughout your career.


This Competencies Assessment Tool (CAT) was designed for Nurse Managers, Administrators, Educators, and Case Managers to evaluate basic staff competencies in rehabilitation nursing. FREE to ARN members.

Care Transitions Patient Brochure

Provides patients, their family members and caregivers guidance to determine the best place to transition to after hospitalization for a traumatic injury or illness. Making the Right Decision for Rehabilitation Care provides a thorough understanding of the variety of rehabilitation services offered in different healthcare settings.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Evidence-based practice guidelines for the care of patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Multiple Sclerosis were developed by ARN in collaboration with AANN.

Clinical Tools for Continence Care

Developed by the Continence Care Task Force, these bowel and bladder management tools were created for the entire disciplinary team. The interactive booklet and posters illustrate 6 clinical algorithms to help your team apply best practices and problem-solve continence needs for all of your patients. You can also watch Christine Cave's session from REACH 2017 in Seattle, as she uncovers Task Force findings!

Competency Model for Professional Rehabilitation Nursing

Defines the core domains and competencies required of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level professional rehabilitation nurses in today’s healthcare environment.

Rehab Nurses Make a Real Difference

Developed to educate student nurses, employers, patients and caregivers about the critical role rehab nurses play ... By the time a patient arrives in the care of a rehabilitation nurse, their life has already been saved. It’s up to the rehab nurse to return that patient to a living independent being again. ARN’s Rehabilitation Nurses Make A Real Difference brochure outlines the career of a rehab nurse, addressing roles, settings, and the types of conditions the rehab nurse encounters.

Member Circle Online Community

A platform for you to ask a question or share knowledge with colleagues anywhere at any time. Member Circle allows you to network virtually and find solutions to your most pressing concerns, 24/7.

RESTART Recovery

Developed by ARN,, provides key information for patients, their families and caregivers, while on the rehab journey. RESTART Recovery is a good resource for Rehab Nurses to direct their patients and their caregivers to at the start of rehabilitation discussions, to find information surrounding expectations during rehabilitation, transitions, and financial and legal implications that should be considered.

Role Descriptions

Developed by ARN Special Interest Groups, ARN role descriptions educate current and potential employers, patients, and others about the various rehabilitation nursing roles and the skills they bring to all settings across the continuum of care. Thirteen roles have been defined and are available for your use -- from the Pediatric Rehabilitation Nurse to the Rehabilitation Nurse Case Manager.

Safe Patient Handling Toolkit

Intended for the interdisciplinary team in order to implement a safe patient handling program in a rehabilitation setting.

White Papers Help You Provide the Right Care

On its own or in conjunction with other clinical organizations, ARN has developed and published white papers to raise awareness on important issues relative to rehabilitation nursing.

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