ARN's Health Policy Toolkit Educates and Informs

Welcome to the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) Health Policy Toolkit. The purpose of this toolkit is to educate, inform, and encourage people interested in healthcare issues to become knowledgeable about the legislative process and become involved in health policy advocacy. Please use this information to take action to support rehabilitation nurses to improve the nation's healthcare system.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Advocacy

Section 1: What is Advocacy?

Simple Refresher to United States Civics

Section 2: Civics 101

Engaging in Health Policy Advocacy and Communicating with Members of Congress

Section 3: Having your Voice Heard: Communicating with Policymakers

Advocacy Tips and Tools

Section 4: How to Use Social Media for Advocacy

In Conclusion

Section 5: Conclusion
Section 6: An Advocate's Dictionary

Alternatively, you may view and print the full toolkit.

Additional information is also available on the ARN Health Policy Agenda and Issue Briefs.

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