ARN Strategic Plan

The ARN Strategic Plan guides the association in its actions as we strive to support our members, their patients, and the rehabilitation nursing profession.

Core Purpose: to advance rehabilitation nursing.

Core Organizational Values

Leadership—ARN provides visionary leadership reflecting the diverse interests and needs of its members.

Professionalism—ARN practices innovation in support of member needs and expectations. ARN upholds high ethical standards, leads with integrity, and members are good stewards of the association's resources.

Community—ARN has a diverse community of members who value different perspectives, celebrate collective accomplishments and enjoy opportunities to pursue success together.

Client Care—ARN is committed to a holistic, collaborative, and evidence-based approach to improving care and the quality of life for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

The Vision for the Future—To improve healthcare delivery through the integration of rehabilitation nursing concepts across the post-acute care (PAC) continuum.

ARN 2016-2018 Goals and Objectives

Goal Area: Transitions of Care

Goal Statement: ARN will ensure the rehabilitation nurse plays an essential role in facilitating appropriate person-centered transitions across the continuum of care, in inpatient and community settings.

Objective (1): Enhance knowledge and skill set of the rehabilitation nurse related to appropriate transitions of care in all post-acute settings.

Objective (2): Increase resources to enable consumers to make informed healthcare decisions.

Objective (3): Improve payor and policymaker knowledge of healthcare options (so that consumer receives care in the most clinically appropriate setting).

Goal Area: Rehabilitation Nursing Practice

Goal Statement: ARN is the leader in the integration of evidence-based rehabilitation nursing interventions across the PAC continuum.

Objective (1): Increase nursing resources describing the connection between national quality measures and evidence-based rehabilitation nursing interventions.

Objective (2): Increase the effective dissemination of the above resources.

Objective (3): Increase the utilization of evidence-based rehabilitation nursing interventions in all levels of the PAC continuum.

Goal Area: Resourcing the Vision

Goal Statement: ARN will ensure financial resources are consistent with strategic and operational aspirations.

Objective (1): Evaluate the profitability and viability of existing ARN activities.

Objective (2): Increase the net revenue of programs and activities that are viable and profitable.

Objective (3): Increase the number of programs that result in net revenue.

We welcome your comments and feedback, and look forward to continuing to improve healthcare delivery through the integration of rehabilitation nursing concepts across the post-acute care continuum.

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