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ARN volunteers have created tools and resources to help you practice Rehabilitation Nursing to the best of your abilities. Tools to document basic rehabilitation nursing competencies, measure staff performance, connect with peers, and to support you throughout your career.

The Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing: A Core Curriculum, 8th edition

The Specialty Practice of Rehab Nursing: A Core Curriculum, 8th edition, is a must-have resource for all rehabilitation nurses, novice to expert, who are instrumental in assisting clients with their recovery and transition back to the community. Learn the core competencies of a rehab nurse, updated legal and ethical considerations that affect your practice, and how to best care for patients from all walks of life.

Clinical Tools for Continence Care

Developed by the Continence Care Task Force, these bowel and bladder management tools were created for the entire disciplinary team. The interactive booklet and posters illustrate 6 clinical algorithms to help your team apply best practices and problem-solve continence needs for all of your patients. You can also watch Christine Cave's session from REACH 2017 in Seattle, as she uncovers Task Force findings!

Competency Model for Professional Rehabilitation Nursing

Defines the core domains and competencies required of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level professional rehabilitation nurses in today’s healthcare environment.

Safe Patient Handling Toolkit

Intended for the interdisciplinary team in order to implement a safe patient handling program in a rehabilitation setting.

White Papers Help You Provide the Right Care

On its own or in conjunction with other clinical organizations, ARN has developed and published white papers to raise awareness on important issues relative to rehabilitation nursing.

Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Nursing Interventions

Get your questions answered on evidence-based rehab nursing approaches to 17 patient problems with the 2nd edition, Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Nursing: Common Challenges and Interventions.

PATH-s Instrument

The Preparedness Assessment for the Transition Home after Stroke (PATH-s) instrument was developed by Michelle Camicia and Barbara J. Lutz through research funded by a Rehabilitation Nurses Foundation grant. Consisting of a 25-item self-report, this instrument is a freely accessible downloadable document intended to help healthcare providers develop tailored care plans that address identified gaps and better prepare caregivers to transition patients home after stroke.

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The ARN Foundations curriculum is for nurses at every career stage looking for rehab-centered education to improve their practice.

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