Who is the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses?

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ARN is a community devoted to the advancement and promotion of rehabilitation nursing.

We Are Rehab

ARN is a diverse community of nearly 5,000 professional RNs working in acute care, inpatient rehabilitation units, long-term care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, and academia. Led by a board of directors, ARN focuses on the challenges facing rehab patients, family members, and support systems—as well as rehabilitation care providers.

Our Mission

Promote and advance the rehabilitation nursing practice through professional development, advocacy, collaboration, and research to enhance the quality of life for those affected by disability and chronic illness. 

Our Vision

Improve healthcare delivery through the integration of rehabilitation nursing concepts across the care continuum.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In a statement developed by the ARN Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force and approved by the Board of Directors, ARN outlines its commitment to reflect and represent all nurses pursuing excellence in rehabilitation practice, in turn, reflecting and representing our diverse patient populations and allowing for the highest level of cultural humility.

Health Policy and Advocacy

ARN is committed to making sure rehabilitation nurses are being represented locally, regionally, and in Washington, D.C., to accomplish its goals. Learn more about health policy, advocacy, and how to make your voice heard through ARN’s programs.

Rehab Nurse Roles

Rehabilitation nursing is a philosophy of care, not a work setting or a phase of treatment. ARN has developed role descriptions for some of the many, many roles that rehabilitation nurses play.


ARN supports rehabilitation research through its Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation, research grant opportunities, and fundraising efforts—in order to enhance the quality of life for those affected by disability and chronic illness.


The ARN Strategic Plan guides the association in its actions as we strive to support our members. Read a more detailed version of this plan.

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