Join Your Colleagues at the Leading Annual Conference for Rehabilitation Nurses

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REACH is Dedicated to Connecting You to the Latest Evidence-based Practice, Leaders in the Field and Industry, and Your Fellow Rehab Nurses.

The Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) is your trusted resource for the latest, most valuable rehabilitation nursing content. Each year, ARN hosts an amazing educational conference and exhibition to bring nearly 1,000 rehabilitation nursing professionals together to:

  • RENEW passion for your specialty.
  • EXPLORE solutions together.
  • ADVANCE your careers.
  • CONNECT with your colleagues, and discover
  • HOPE as you uncover best practices to challenges in your specialty!


This 4–5 day event, known as REACH within the industry, moves to a new location around the country each fall. REACH 2020 is a virtual conference, sign up now to attend online.


REACH is a Forum for Rehab Nurses to Brush Up Their Practice, Meet with Nurses Facing the Same Issues, and Learn About State-of-the-Art Advances in Care.

ARN's annual conference provides attendees an opportunity to learn and discuss basic knowledge and skills, recent developments in research and science, best practices, and evidence-based recommendations. The content is driven largely by clinical gaps and the associated educational needs as determined by the Conference Planning Committee.

All of this information is aimed at representing state-of-the-art advances in rehabilitation care, management, and research. Attendees also are provided updates to advocacy and certification, offered multiple opportunities to network with faculty and participants, and given several occasions to interact with medical product vendors.

After participating in this conference, attendees will increase their ability to

  • examine state-of-the-art approaches to improving rehabilitation patient care and outcomes
  • apply strategic knowledge about current issues facing rehabilitation nurses and the healthcare industry
  • incorporate evidence-based interventions into practice for the rehabilitation of patients with a variety of diagnoses.


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ARN is a Resource for Lifelong Learning, Continuing Education, and Advocacy for Rehab Nursing Care.

The Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Program provides rehab nurses with opportunities for lifelong learning and assists in maintaining their certification and license requirements, thereby promoting excellence in the provision of rehabilitation nursing care.

Access the REACH 2019 schedule to review the valuable sessions the ARN Conference Planning Committee pulled together for 2019's event in November. Or, you can download the REACH 2019 conference brochure.


Save the Date

If you're unable to join us virtually for REACH 2020 or would like to plan ahead, we'd love to have you join us in 2021:

Rhode Island Convention Center
November 9–13, 2021
Hotel: Omni Hotels & Resorts
Providence, RI 02903

reach 2020

Did you miss REACH? Get access to the top 14 sessions from the conference!

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