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As healthcare technology advances, more people are surviving injuries and diseases that once would have been fatal. People experiencing chronic illness are living longer, and the need for rehabilitation services continues to expand.

Mission: The Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation is dedicated to advancing rehabilitation nursing practice by promoting, developing, and/or engaging in educational activities and scientific research to improve the quality of health care to individuals with a disability or chronic illness.

ARN and RNF offer a grant to fund innovative projects such as the 2007 landmark study, Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes in Inpatient Rehabilitation Settings with lead investigator Audrey Nelson, PhD RN CRRN and the 2013 study, Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes in the Rehabilitation Setting by investigator Kathleen A. Stevens, PhD RN NE-BC CRRN.

Contributors to RNF demonstrate a commitment to advancing the specialty of rehabilitation nursing. RNF fosters the development of new programs to enhance rehabilitation nursing practice and patient outcomes.

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