CRRNs Add To Your Facility’s Competitive Advantage

Foster the ability of your nursing staff to provide quality cost-effective care through the Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN®) certification program. The CRRN credential is the only accredited certification for rehabilitation nurses. Its proven track record for more than 30 years assures employers, patients, and colleagues that the CRRN is a credible and reliable distinction for nurses practicing in the specialty of rehabilitation nursing.

Whether you hire CRRNs to fill open positions or support your staff to obtain the CRRN, you will set your facility and rehab program apart by having the most knowledgeable and skilled rehab nursing staff available. Certification of nurses also factors into accreditation criteria by agencies such as CARF, JCAHO, and distinction by the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program.

Having certified nurses on staff also improves patient outcomes and satisfaction. A study published in Rehabilitation Nursing found a correlation between the percentage of registered nurses certified in rehabilitation nursing at a facility and the patient length of stay. Specifically, for every 6% increase in CRRNs on the unit, the average length of stay decreased by one day.1 This demonstrates the tangible benefits of certification to both patients and healthcare organizations.

According to research conducted by the American Journal of Nursing (2001), certified nurses reported that they experienced fewer adverse events and errors in patient care than before they were certified. These nurses reported feeling more confident in their ability to detect early signs and symptoms of complications and to initiate early and prompt interventions for such complications. According to the same study, certified nurses also reported more personal growth and job satisfaction.

1. Nelson, A., Powell-Cope, G., Palacios, P., Luther, S.L., Black, T., Hillman, T., et al. (2007). "Nursing staffing and patient outcomes in inpatient rehabilitation settings." Rehabilitation Nursing, 32(5): 179-202.

Support and Recognize Your CRRNs

Support your nurses who have demonstrated their commitment to your patients. Reward their professional development as CRRNs. Everyone benefits—your facility, your nurses, and most importantly your patients.

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to distribute to aspiring nurses or place in your facility stations, break rooms and office areas
  • Publicize certification and renewal requirements and deadlines in your facility newsletter
  • Provide study materials to staff, such as the ARN Core Curriculum, CRRN Flashcards, Online CRRN Review, Online CRRN Practice Test and PRN Online Course
  • Recognize members who have received the CRRN credential with a letter of congratulations, mention in your facility newsletter, or a CRRN pin
  • Offer financial incentives to those who attain and maintain certification
  • Offer shift/day work schedule preferences to certified nurses
  • Hold a celebratory luncheon during Rehabilitation Awareness Week or another time during the year to honor your CRRN staff

You'll find complete information about rehabilitation nursing certification in the CRRN Candidate Handbook. The handbook contains eligibility criteria, test content outlines, suggested resources, and more. To share this information with your staff, download the application handbook for immediate access.

CRRN Spotlight Nominations

Do you know a CRRN who deserves extra recognition from ARN and RNCB? Nominate them for a CRRN spotlight! If you are a CRRN yourself who is interested in being spotlighted, self-nominations are most welcome.

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