What To Do When Life Gets in the Way of Certification

Your CRRN is an important mark for rehabilitation nurses and lets everyone know you are committed to caring for individuals with physical disability or chronic illness.  Sometimes, unexpected events or life changes may cause you to hit the pause button or go a new direction. If you find yourself in this situation, inactive or retired status may be for you.

CRRN Inactive Status

If you have experienced a life-altering event that has impacted your ability to renew your CRRN, you may be eligible for inactive status. CRRN Inactive status is intended to allow current or recently lapsed CRRNs who have experienced traumatic or life-altering events to delay the timeframe for completing renewal requirements. If you feel you might quality for Inactive Status, please see the Inactive Status Application for further information.

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CRRN-Retired Status

If you have recently retired from the nursing profession, you may be eligible for CRRN-Retired status. There is a one-time $50 fee for CRRN-Retired Status. Eligible candidates must:

  • Have a current, unrestricted RN license at the time of retirement
  • Be a current CRRN at the time of retirement or CRRN certification must have expired within the 5 years prior to the date of retirement
  • No longer be employed within the nursing profession

Retired status is not a certification so there is no need to maintain continuing education or practice hours.

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