Rehab Nurses Make a Difference in Patients’ and Caregivers’ Lives

By the time a patient arrives in the care of a rehabilitation nurse, their life has been saved. The rehab nurse will help that patient return to a life of independence. ARN’s Rehabilitation Nurses Make A Real Difference brochure outlines the career of a rehab nurse, and addresses the roles, settings, and the types of conditions the rehab nurse encounters. This brochure was developed to educate student nurses, employers, patients, and caregivers about the critical role rehab nurses play!

Care Transitions Brochure

Family members and caregivers may need guidance to help patients determine the best place to transition to after hospitalization for a traumatic injury or illness. Making the Right Decision for Rehabilitation Care provides patients and caregivers a thorough understanding of the variety of rehabilitation services offered in different healthcare settings.

RESTART Recovery Website

RESTART RecoveryDeveloped for consumers, the website provides more thorough and definitive key information for patients, their families and caregivers, who are on the rehab journey. It is a good resource for rehab nurses to direct patients and caregivers to during the start of rehabilitation discussions, so they may find information surrounding expectations during rehab, transitions of care, and financial and legal implications that should be considered.

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