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ARN's nursing education webinars offer flexible ways to earn continuing education (CE) credits through online and on-demand educational courses. Host a staff meeting or chapter event and bring your nurse colleagues together to take advantage of ARN's nursing education webinars. Webinar attendees agree that ARN's nursing education webinars help improve patient outcomes.

Upcoming Live Webinars

How to Motivate Patients: Navigating Rather Than Nagging

July 13, 1 pm CT

We have all had patients who don’t seem to want to take our advice or listen to our education. Join Tracey L. Connolly, MSN RN AGCNS-BS CRRN WCC, for this webinar that will offer tips you can use every day to help motivate patients to participate in their own care and listen to the education that you need to provide.

This webinar will help you understand the importance of providing patient education, discuss the difference between nudging and nagging, examine the best ways to assess patient understanding of your teaching, and recognize the properties necessary for effective patient education materials.

Individuals who participate in the full activity and complete the post-evaluation will receive 1.25 Nursing Contact Hours.


ARN & NAON Present: Preventing Falls in Orthopedic Population

July 22, 12 pm CT

Join ARN and the National Association of Orthopedic Nurses (NAON) for this webinar that will recognize and celebrate the integration of expert orthopedic and rehabilitation clinical nursing knowledge, skills, and practices that maximize function, independence, and safety of patients living with orthopedic conditions across settings for care.

During this presentation, Patricia Quigley, PhD MPH APRN FAAN FAANP FARN, and Lyndee Leavitt, BSN RN ONC, will

  • inspire and challenge participants to examine best practices in fall prevention to mitigate and eliminate fall risk factors for preventable falls that apply to all orthopedic populations,
  • apply expert orthopedic and rehabilitation principles and practices into outpatient, acute, and post-acute care management of special high-fall risk populations, and
  • incorporate best practice patient education strategies to fully engage patients who are at-risk to fall as partners in their fall prevention program.

Individuals who participate in the full activity and complete the post-evaluation will receive 1.25 Nursing Contact Hours.


Presenting Your Poster Virtually at a Conference

July 29, 12 pm CT

In this free webinar Anne Deutsch, PhD RN CRRN FACRM RTI, and Cidalia Vital, PhD RN CNL, will discuss the factors impacting a virtual poster presentation. They will also share tips regarding appearance, lighting, background, and ways to engage the audience and decrease distractions.

Join Deutsch and Vital on July 29 and be better prepared for your virtual presentation coming up this fall! This webinar will identify factors that facilitate a successful virtual poster presentation, describe ways to address potential or actual distractions that occur during a virtual poster presentation, and discuss how to respond to your audience during a live question and answer section.


ARN & NAON Present: Preventing Fragility Fractures

August 5, 12 pm CT

Join ARN & NAON for this informative webinar as Alena Lester, DNP APRN FNP-C ONP-C, discusses an overview of osteoporosis risk factors and screening practices, and associated fracture risks.

On August 5, ARN & NAON will come together and dive into the latest evidence-based practice guidelines for the nonpharmacological and pharmacological prevention and management of osteoporosis and associated fractures.

Individuals who participate in the full activity and complete the post-evaluation will receive 1.25 Nursing Contact Hours.


Moving and Handling – Hands on!

August 10, 12 pm CT

Raquel Neves, PhD MSN CRRN RN, has been a rehab nurse for nine years in three different countries. She is passionate about stroke rehabilitation and sharing her experience with others. Join Raquel on August 10 and demystify the secrets of correct and safe practice!

Moving and handling! Demystifying the secrets of correct and safe practice. In this webinar you will learn:

  • To understand the primary principles of moving and handling
  • To understand the dangers of incorrect moving and handling
  • To perform the most recommended moving and handling techniques
  • To adjust the principles of moving and handling to different settings and environment

Individuals who participate in the full activity and complete the post-evaluation will receive 1.25 Nursing Contact Hours.


Developing a Publishable Clinical Manuscript

August 25, 12 pm CT

Join ARN and Pamala D. Larsen, PhD MS RN, on August 25 for this informational webinar that will focus on identifying clinical topics, searching the literature, and developing and writing clinical papers that are publishable. Time will also be spent on finding the right journal for publishing the article, key steps in writing the paper, how to decipher a journal’s author guidelines, and the use of query letters.

This webinar will educate participants on the various steps involved in developing a publishable clinical manuscript and participants will:

  • Identify a clinical topic from their practice that is publishable
  • identify the key steps in writing a manuscript
  • Determine the resources necessary to complete the paper
  • Appreciate the need for query letters


On-Demand Webinars Available Now

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Each year, we release our most viewed webinars in bundled packages for a discounted price! These webinars can be viewed anytime and cover the most popular sessions. Each webinar included in each bundle comes with CE available up to 3 years after the recorded date.

  • 2020 Webinar Bundle: Includes Optimizing Motor and Cognitive Recovery after TBI - The Role of Exercise and Sleep; Social Determinants of Health and Performance Measurement, Management, and Improvement…Guiding Rehabilitation Success with CARF; Enhancing Capacity: Reengineering Fall and Fall Injury Programs: Infrastructure, Capacity, and Sustainability; and Rehabilitation of Individuals with Neurogenic Bowel and Bladder Dysfunction
  • 2019 Webinar Bundle: Includes CARF technology, CARF ASPIRE standards, legislative and regulatory updates, and how to use training apps in your practice.

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