Certification Renewal Audits

A percentage of CRRN certification renewal applications is randomly selected for audit during each renewal year. If your application is selected, you will be contacted via E-mail and asked to supply documentation supporting your renewal application. 

The following is the documentation that you will need to submit in the event your application is selected for audit. Before returning the documentation, please review each continued education certificate and confirm the following:

  • The dates on the certificate fall within the 5-year certification period.
  • Your name appears on the certificate as the attendee.
  • The provider has included the number of contact hours awarded.

Please be sure to review the total number of points submitted and confirm documentation of at least 60 points of credit that meet the published criteria.

Acceptable Documentation

Continuing education (up to 60 points accepted in this category): Submit copies of proof of attendance or completion of continuing education offerings or programs. This should include the date, year, program title, your name, the provider (and sponsor if applicable), and the number of contact hours awarded. Each certificate must include a statement that verifies that the program was approved for nursing contact hours by a national or state nursing organization, if you indicated it met this requirement on your application. A certificate of attendance including the above information is sufficient. A transcript from a learning management system or third-party vendor is not acceptable. 

Presentation (up to 12 points accepted in this category): Submit evidence of participation in the presentation of a continuing education program, such as a brochure, announcement, or written statement by a supervisor. This should include your name as presenter, the date and year of the presentation, program title, behavioral objectives, content outline, the number of contact hours awarded for the presentation, and the name of the nursing organization that approved the program for contact hours.

Academic coursework (up to 48 points accepted in this category): Submit copies of transcripts for completed course work.

Professional publication (up to 36 points accepted in this category): Submit publication or letter of acceptance of an original manuscript from professional journals or textbook publishers who have published your original manuscripts. You will need a copy of the letter of acceptance or the table of contents or chapter heading, including proof that your name as author is published.

Community service (up to 10 points accepted in this category):
Publications. Submit the letter of acceptance or a copy of the article or chapter text that show the date of publication and your name as author.
Presentations. Submit a letter or promotional materials from the sponsoring organization listing you as presenter and the presentation date.
Volunteer leadership or review board participation. Submit a letter from the sponsoring organization stating your role and the date or term of services.

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