Certification Renewal Audits

A percentage of CRRN certification renewal applications is randomly selected for audit during each renewal year. If your application is selected, you will be contacted via certified mail and asked to supply documentation supporting your renewal application. Acceptable documentation is listed below.

NOTE: It is not necessary to submit additional documentation (e.g. offical transcripts, CE certificates) with your initial application. You will be required to provide this documentation only if your application is selected for audit. Unsolicited documentation is discarded.

Acceptable documentation for audit of points of credit renewal applications:

  • Continuing education: Copies of proof of attendance or completion of continuing education offerings or programs. These documents should include the date, year, program title, provider, your name as the attendee, and number of contact hours awarded. Each document must verify that the program was approved by a state or national nursing organization, if you indicated it met this requirement on your application.
  • Presentations: Evidence of participation in the presentation of a continuing education program (e.g., brochure, announcement, or written statement by a supervisor). This should include your name, the date and year of the presentation, program title, behavioral objectives, content outline, the nursing organization that approved the program, and the number of contact hours awarded for the presentation.
  • Academic coursework: Copies of transcripts for completed formal coursework.
  • Publications: Copies of letters of acceptance or table of contents or chapter headings that prove that you authored the work
  • Community Service: Publication. Letter of acceptance or copy of article or title page showing your name as author and the publication date. Presentation, volunteer leadership, or review board participation. Letter from sponsoring organization stating your role, program title (if applicable), and dates or term of service.
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