Elect Future Leaders to the ARN Board of Directors

ARN is dedicated to providing the resources and support that enable Rehabilitation Nurses like you to thrive in your workplaces and careers. Voting members of ARN in good standing are eligible to run for office and elect future leaders of ARN, during the month of June each year. You have the unique and important opportunity to elect future leaders who will determine the direction and strategic initiatives of your specialty organization.

The Nominating and Leadership Development Committee will place no more than two of the best-qualified candidates on the ballot for each open position. Below you will find the qualifications and general responsibilities for each position that is open in 2019, as well as the profiles of the candidates who have been selected to run for office.

The 2019 voting window has changed from June 1-30 to June 10 – July 9. All votes prior to June 10, 2019 have been discarded due to an issue with the ballot link. If you voted prior to June 10, please resubmit your vote for it to be counted.

Voting members will receive ballot instructions via email. Be sure to white list or add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your contacts, and check your spam folder, if you are a voting member and have not received the 2019 invitation to vote. 

The ballot process is a two-step process:

  1. you will receive an email requesting you to cast your ballot and
  2. once you have cast your ballot, then you will receive another email to confirm your ballot.

2019 Open Positions

Terms for elected candidates will begin at the end of ARN REACH 2019 in November.

Elect your colleagues for the following positions during the 2019 election!

President-Elect & President


  • Holds active membership in ARN.
  • Is a member in good standing.
  • Shall have served at least 1 year as an elected or ex-officio member on the Board of Directors.

Specific Responsibilities as President-Elect

  • Elected to a 1-year term of office which begins at the close of the annual conference, the year of the election; followed by a 1-year term as ARN President and RNF Chair.
  • Acts in the President's stead and with the President's powers in the absence of the President, or in the case of the President's inability to act.
  • Serves as a member of the Executive Committee.
  • Serves as a member of the Budget and Finance committee and participates in developing the annual budget.
  • Maintains regular communication with the President.
  • Becomes familiar with parliamentary procedure, ARN bylaws, policies and procedures, board functions, and the conduct of effective meetings.
  • Serves as Vice-Chair of the RNF Board of Trustees.

Specific Responsibilities as President

  • Assumes duties at the close of the annual conference to serve a 1-year term in office.
  • Assumes the role of RNF Chair while ARN President.
  • Presides at all board, association, and Executive Committee meetings.
  • With the approval of the board, appoints chairpersons and members of committees and task forces, with the exception of the chair of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, the chair of the Budget and Finance Committee who are appointed by virtue of their office, and the members of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee who are elected by the membership.
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all standing and special committees, except the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee.
  • Acts as the coordinator for strategic planning.
  • Acts as the official spokesperson for the association.
  • With Budget and Finance Committee, formulates the budget for presentation to the board.
  • Assigns liaisons from the board to committees and task forces.
  • Conducts annual performance appraisal of staff services.
  • Coordinates with staff to promote the association to the membership and public.
  • Maintains communications with the board and committees regarding operations and status of the organization.
  • Prepares a regular column for publication in the ARN Network newsletter.
  • Serves as a member of the RNF Board of Trustees.

Director-At-Large (2 Open Positions)


  • Holds an active membership in ARN.
  • Is a member in good standing.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Elected to 3-year term of office and assumes duties at the close of the annual conference.
  • Acts as membership liaison.
    • Is available to any member by phone, email, or mail to answer questions, provide consultation, and respond to concerns. Refers questions to appropriate staff for follow-up.                     
    • Handles member phone calls and inquiries specific to the field of rehabilitation nursing, when forwarded by staff.
    • Keeps Board of Directors informed about issues or trends of concern to members.
    • Reports significant problems or concerns to the appropriate staff, board member, or committee chair.
  • Encourages chapter formation.
    • Supports opportunities for new chapter formation, and refers members interested in creating a new chapter to the staff and Chapter Support Committee.
    • Directs new chapter leaders to staff to obtain a chapter handbook and other information about forming a chapter.
  • Attends chapter meetings or other local ARN activities as requested and approved, or as assigned by the board. Arrangements for chapter visits will be coordinated with staff.
  • At end of term, serves as preceptor for newly elected Directors-at-large.
  • Before assuming office, is expected to review the board manual, discuss questions with predecessor, and audit the annual board meeting.
  • Serves as a member of the RNF Board of Trustees.

Nominating and Leadership Development Committee Member


  • Two members are elected from the general membership and the board appoints two members.
  • The immediate past president serves as the chair.
  • With the exception of the immediate past president, each member of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee shall serve a three-year term.

Committee Responsibilities and Duties

It is the responsibility of the committee to secure candidates for the ballot and present a slate of qualified, acceptable candidates to the membership for a vote. The committee members shall consider the specific discussions related to potential nominees to be confidential. Committee members are prohibited from disclosing potential and final nominees to the membership.

The committee is responsible for identifying potential candidates for other ARN volunteer leadership opportunities (e.g., committees, task forces, external liaisons). The committee members shall review ARN leadership skills on an annual basis.

The committee shall conduct its business via meetings, conference calls, email, mail, or fax as deemed necessary by the committee chair with the budgetary approval of the board.  Copies of all committee action notes, minutes and final correspondence to potential nominees will be forwarded to and retained at the national office. All such documents or communications are strictly confidential.\

Committee Member Responsibilities and Duties

  • Utilizes the time between October and March to recruit potential candidates by calling chapter presidents and other interested members to encourage interest in leadership.
  • Assists the committee chair by contacting potential nominees. The committee member:
    • Places calls to their assigned potential nominees to notify them of their nomination for office, determine potential candidates’ interest in running for office, answer questions, conduct interviews, and notify staff of potential nominees’ willingness to run for office.
    • Reviews the policies, procedures, position descriptions, and deadlines for required information with the potential candidates, and forward copies and provides clarification as requested.
    • Obtains permission to place potential nominees’ name on the ballot for the identified position or another position, if necessary.
    • Interviews all qualified candidates for each position. References should be interviewed as needed.
    • Participates in the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee conference call to select the slate of candidates.
  • Identifies potential leaders for committees, task forces and other ARN opportunities.
    • Reviews ARN leadership skills and update when necessary.
    • Attends the ARN leadership course and chapter leadership sessions that are held in association with the annual conference. Committee members receive complimentary registration and one night of hotel reimbursement to attend the leadership course. Conference registration, additional travel and hotel expense are the responsibility of the member. If Leadership Course is held as a stand-alone meeting, consideration may be made to cover hotel and travel.
    • Networks and interacts with attendees at the leadership course and annual conference to help identify members who are enthusiastic about ARN and demonstrate leadership ability.
  • Networks with presenters and other contributors to the annual conference (SIG leaders, Award Winner’s, etc.).
  • Develops connections with potential leaders.  Learns about areas of interest, expertise and leadership potential for ARN.  Makes a personal/professional connection and share contact information.
  • Follows up with contacts after conference to encourage involvement in ARN over the next year. Encourages them to participate in ARN in one or more of the following ways.
  • Submit an abstract to present at conference.
    • Write an article for the ARN Network or RNJ.
    • Join a SIG or Chapter – volunteer to lead.
    • Participate in the listserv
    • Enter information on VIP
    • If appropriate, submit a candidate application for the board of directors.
  • Contacts members who contribute to RNJ to discuss opportunities for getting more involved.
  • Provides list of potential leaders to chair with information about their areas of interests and potential strengths; the chair will provide that information to the board president, president-elect and staff.

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Meet the 2019 Nominating and Leadership Development Committee

Karion Waites, Chairperson
Sue Brown
Brenda French
Patricia Garvin-Higgins
Gail Sims
Melissa Bellows, Staff Liaison

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