President's Award

The ARN President's Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of rehabilitation nursing and to ARN. The current president may select a recipient for this award, which does not have to be given each year.

The President's Award is given at the president's sole discretion.

Past President's Award Winners

2022: Stephanie Vaughn
2021: Mary Ellen Hatch and Maureen Musto
2020: Michelle Camicia
2019: Jill Rye
2018: Stephanie Burnett
2017: Michele Cournan
2016: Grace Campbell and Beverly Reigle
2015: Elaine Flynn
2014: Cheryl Lehman
2013: Elaine Miller
2012: Terrie Black
2011: Anne Deutsch
2010: Cindy Gatens
2009: Terrie Patterson
2008: Donna Williams
2007: Karen Preston
2006: Audrey Nelson
2005: Anne Cordes
2003: Susan Greco
1999: Paul Nathenson and Marilyn Ter Maat
1997: Kelly Johnson
1996: Marilyn Pires
1995: Peter Shepard
1994: Shirley Benda
1992: Phyllis Passarella
1991: Joanne DeJanovich

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