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ARN is committed to making sure rehabilitation nurses are being represented in Washington, DC. We encourage you to learn more about health policy, advocacy, and how to make your voice heard through ARN’s programs. View ARN’s Health Policy Agenda and correspondence, and even track legislation related to rehabilitation nursing right here!

ARN Health Policy & Advocacy News

Read the latest ARN news updates covering the association’s advocacy efforts, legislative news, public statements, and more.

Learn More about Health Policy

The purpose of the ARN Health Policy Tool Kit is to educate, inform, and encourage people to become involved in advocacy. Please use this information to take action to support rehabilitation nurses.

View ARN Issue Briefs

Often referred to as a one-pager, issue briefs support ARN legislative agenda items and state the issue for consideration, highlight a recommended action, and provide supporting information relevant to the issue.

Understand Federal Funding

You can review this Budget and Appropriations Primer to understand how legislation and programs are funded. The FY 2022 LHHS Funding Chart specifically outlines funding levels for nursing programs. This is updated throughout the appropriations process so you remain aware of increases and cuts to programs pertinent to ARN.

Track the Issues that Impact ARN

The ARN Health Policy Agenda is created by the Health Policy Committee and approved by the ARN Board of Directors. The Agenda prioritizes 5-6 key issues that ARN will focus on during the Legislative Session. Each agenda item is supported by an issue brief that explains the issue in detail.

Stay Informed of MedPAC Reports to Congress

MedPAC is an independent agency established to advise Congress on issues affecting the Medicare Program. MedPAC issues reports bi-annually in March and June. Read the most recent MedPAC report.

Engage with CMS via the Technical Experts Panel (TEP)

A TEP is a panel of experts that provides technical input to CMS on the development, selection, and maintenance of measures for which CMS contractors are responsible. Membership demonstrates both expertise in and commitment to your specialty. Access this Technical Experts Panel PowerPoint to Learn more about opportunities to engage with CMS in the measure development process. If you have additional questions, you can review this TEP FAQ.

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