ARN Member Role Awards

ARN offers members an opportunity to acknowledge peers and colleagues for their exemplary work and service. Exceptional rehabilitation nurses deserve recognition for their contributions to rehabilitation nursing. ARN Role Awards recognize colleagues in each of the categories below. Supervisors, colleagues, or family members can submit nominations – and ARN members can nominate themselves!

Role Award winners are recognized at the ARN conference each year.

Categories for Nomination

Role award winners receive 1 free year of ARN membership and are available for the following categories:

The application deadline is August 1, 2020.

Role Award Nomination Tips

Several applications are submitted each year for ARN Role Awards and a well-written nomination will help your nominee stand out. Below are a few tips to help you draft an outstanding application.

  1. Use the application for the current year. Even if you have nominated the individual in prior years, do not resubmit an old application.
  2. Provide concrete, specific examples of the actions and activities that make this nurse an exceptional rehabilitation nurse. What programs or initiatives has this individual started or helped evolve? What educational activities has he or she developed and shared with other staff? What steps has the nominee taken to improve patient care?
  3. Review the application. Typos and other errors will detract from your nominee.

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