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Rehabilitation nursing is a diverse field of practice, covering every corner of the medical landscape. We strive to build a comprehensive educational schedule for you every year, and 2020 is no different. In addition to pre- and post-conference sessions, as well as paper presentations—we’ve got more interactive sessions than ever before.

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Practice and Delivery of Patient Care

Are you leading a team or making decisions for a patient? These sessions will explore topics like accessibility and inclusion, advance care planning, rehab in COVID-19, and more!

Morgan's Wonderland
Brooke Kearney, MS
Learn how the facility has made an impact over the past decade by creating an environment where everyone can play, and how they are committed to accessibility and inclusion.

It's Not All About Wheelchairs: Supporting Mental Health in the Rehabilitation Patient
Cheryl Lehman, PhD RN-BC CNS-BC CRRN
Learn how to realize the importance of mental health support in the rehabilitation setting and to consider the importance of targeted interventions.

Integrating Advance Care Planning as Part of Routine Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments
Maria A. Cantu-Cooper, MD
Focusing on older adults, you’ll hear how care can be individualized for aging physiology and co-morbidities, by discussing what matters most through advance care planning.

Rehabilitation and COVID—What Has Changed in 2020
Michele Cournan, ANP-BC DNP FNP RN CRRN
This presentation will discuss where we are and where we might be going in rehabilitation related to the COVID pandemic.

Falls: Explore and Connect QI, EBP, and Research
Susan Fowler, PhD RN CNRN FAHA; Anne Deutsch, PhD RN CRRN; Cidalia Vital, PhD CNL CPAN; Barbara Winters-Todd, DNP RN CRRN; Theresa Pietsch, PhD RN CRRN CNE
Explore the topic of falls connecting processes and outcomes within three approaches—quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and research.

Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury

Learn about the latest in rehabilitation care for stroke and spinal cord injury patients. Dive into topics like transitions of care, patient education, and sexuality and fertility with SCI.

Rehabilitation Nurses Panel: Demystifying Stroke Care Across the Continuum
Michelle E Camicia, PhD NEA-BC CCM FAHA RN FARN; Debbie Summers; Barbara J Lutz, PhD PHNA-BC CRRN FAAN FAHA RN; Lynn Klassman
Examine transitions of care across the stroke continuum and their impact on optimizing patient outcomes.

Care and Education of SCI patients
Claudia T. Kitchin, RN BSN CRRN
Learn the impairment scale classification according to the American Spinal Injury Association, understand other SCI syndromes, and be prepared to educate patients about the prevention and management of Autonomic Dysreflexia.

Sexuality, Intimacy, and Fertility with SCI
Gina Biter-Mundt and Steve Lau
Identify the human sexual response cycle and understand the changes that occur after an SCI, including a discussion about sexuality in your assessment of patient readiness.

Spinal Cord Injury
Pushpa Abraham, CPNP
This presentation outlines medical issues encountered in Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury, complications, and treatment strategies including nursing interventions.

Managing a Team and Career Development

Develop your career and lead your colleagues more effectively with these robust sessions on topics like mentoring, being a change agent, and writing abstracts

Being a Change Agent in Changing Times
Susan Fowler, PhD RN CNRN FAHA
Discuss the utilization of models and theories to facilitate successful change, and the characteristics and role of a change agent.

Creating a Successful Abstract
Discuss the purpose and parts of an abstract as well as some helpful writing tips.

Mentoring: Sharing the Love of Rehabilitation Nursing
Donna Williams, MSN RN CRRN
Learn the importance of relationships, behavior and engagement with those we work with, both peers and supervisors.

Leading People and Pandemics
Mary Ellen Hatch, MSN RN CRRN
Participants will identify the key elements of leadership from a rehabilitation nursing perspective.

Emerging Therapies and Alternative Treatments

Explore the cutting edge of rehab care with these sessions on emerging therapies and alternative treatments. We'll take a look at nonpharmacological approaches, holistic treatments, robotics, and more!

Non-pharmacological Approaches to Managing Behavior of Patients with a TBI and other Challenging Populations: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Elizabeth Koyle, PT DPT MBA PhD and Katie Palmer, MA LPC
Learn three non-pharmacological techniques to be utilized with challenging patient behaviors.

Non-Pharmacological and Holistic Approaches in Rehabilitation Nursing: Barriers and Breakthroughs
Paul Nathenson, DNP APRN NP-C
Get an overview of regulatory requirements related to non-pharmacological approaches to patient care.

All Hands on Deck: The Opioid Crisis from the Population Health Perspective
Sophie Nathenson, PhD
Learn implications for care and where health professionals can engage with social determinants.

Rehabilitation Robotics: Current Research and Application
Shuo-Hsiu “James” Chang, PT PhD
Discuss various designs of upper and lower limb robotic devices, current research findings, and clinical applications.


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