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Developing a Publishable Clinical Manuscript


Interested in publishing a clinical manuscript but not sure where to start? Join ARN and Pamala D. Larsen, PhD MS RN, on August 25 at 12 pm CT for an informational webinar that will focus on how to identify clinical topics, search the literature, and develop and write clinical papers that are publishable. Time will also be spent on finding the right journal for publishing the article, key steps in writing the paper, how to decipher a journal's author guidelines, and the use of query letters.

Learning Objectives 

In this webinar participants will learn how to:

  • Identify a clinical topic from their practice that is publishable
  • Identify the key steps in writing a manuscript
  • Determine the resources necessary to complete the paper
  • Appreciate the need for query letters

Join us for a consultation session 

Webinar registrants are invited to join Dr. Larsen and members of the RNJ Editorial Board on August 26 at 9 am CT for an RNJ Consultation Session. The consultation session will allow registrants to meet with the RNJ Editorial Board members face-to-face on Zoom and ask questions and solicit feedback on manuscript ideas.

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