CRRN Spotlight: Amy Martin-Madeley, MAEd BSN RN CRRN


We love to celebrate all the hard work Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN®) certificants put into their patient care and how they show their knowledge and passion by earning the CRRN. This month, we are recognizing Amy Martin-Madeley, MAEd BSN RN CRRN, and her commitment to rehabilitation nursing.

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New research shines light on importance of specialty board nursing certifications

Research presented at the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS) virtual conference held earlier this month assessed impressions of board-certified specialty nurses among a national sample of more than 2,000 adults. The findings are based on a comprehensive survey conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of ABNS in June of 2020. Among their key discoveries, Morning Consult's analysis identified that three in four adults support requiring nurses to receive a specialty nursing board certification.  

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CRRN Spotlight: Ylse Bear, CRRN


The Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse (CRRN®) exam is offered twice a year, in June and December, and offers rehab nurses on the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to the field through specialty certification. Due to COVID-19, nurses who sit for the December 2020 exam will have the opportunity to test from their home or office through remote proctoring.

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ARN Members Spur Action by RNCB to Adopt CRRN Renewal Grace Period

The Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board (RNCB) administers the Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN®) certification program for nurses who assist individuals with disabilities and chronic illness to restore, maintain, and promote optimal health. With more than 13,000 current certificants, the CRRN has been widely recognized and respected by employers in all post-acute care settings for more than 30 years.

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CRRN Certification Updates in Response to COVID-19


RNCB announces grace period and waived late fees for CRRNs due to renew in 2020 as well as remote testing for those seeking certification

The Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board (RNCB) recognizes the undue burden and stress that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on the nursing community. In order to support rehabilitation nurses seeking to maintain or earn their Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse (CRRN®)  credential during these challenging times, RNCB has temporarily adjusted CRRN deadlines, fees, and testing site options.

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Why Are You A CRRN?

For many, it was a manager or colleague who introduced you to rehabilitation nursing certification and your first thought might have been, "Why would I want to spend the time or money to get certified?" Your life was busy with family, work, friends—who needs another "to do?" Eventually, you succumbed to encouragement and cajoling, and then took the exam. When you passed, you felt a sense of pride and accomplishment because becoming a Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN®) is a tangible validation of your professional standing as an experienced rehabilitation nurse with a documented level of knowledge and a commitment to patient care.

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CRRN Live Remote Proctoring Now Available

Thinking about your next career move? Now you can earn the CRRN credential virtually!

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RNCB to Offer Digital Badges to CRRNs

The Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board (RNCB) is pleased to announce an exciting new feature for CRRN certification—digital badges. Digital badges allow CRRNs to immediately display a secure and verifiable digital badge on social networks, resumes, email signatures, and websites. It will also allow CRRNs to more easily share their certified status with employers.

In today's digital world, professionals want the option to share their credentials online. Digital badges are used in professional and social networking environments to recognize achievements and establish credibility in real time with a single click.

The digital badges—supported by BadgeCert Inc.—are third-party verifiable icons that are packed with information, or "metadata," about the issuing organization as well as when and how the credential was earned and when it will expire. They can represent accomplishments such as knowledge competency, attendance, participation, or the completion of a professional credential.

Learn more about digital badges, including how to share your badge on social, on our "What is Digital Badging?" page.

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RNCB Announces the 2019 RNCB Advocacy Award Winner

CHICAGO (November 27, 2019): The Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board (RNCB) announced the recipient of the very first RNCB Advocacy Award at REACH 2019, ARN's Annual Educational Conference, held November 6 - 9 in Columbus, OH.

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RNCB Announces CRRN Certification Advocacy Award

During the first quarter of this year, the Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board (RNCB) announced the RNCB Advocacy Award. The purpose of the award is to recognize healthcare organizations that advocate for certification for rehabilitation nurses, providing support to and recognition of certified staff. 

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