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NEW! Online CRRN Review: A Knowledge Check

Are you planning to get certified? ARN's Online CRRN Review: A Knowledge Check is the newest tool to measure your preparedness for the CRRN exam in real time. This review is delivered in a unique and highly effective self-guided environment following a multiple choice Q&A format. Applying a sophisticated algorithm, it takes you through the skills you already know efficiently, allowing you to spend more time on those areas you need to master.

The Online CRRN Review follows the CRRN exam blueprint, utilizing questions and answers written and reviewed by experts in the field. Sixteen modules guide you through a review of each domain and task included on the CRRN exam.

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Introduction to Rehabilitation Nursing

New to rehab? The Introduction to Rehabilitation Nursing Online Course is a unique online program designed for nurses new to rehab or those who want to incorporate basic rehab nursing skills into non-rehabilitation settings. This course is ideal for individual nurses seeking to develop a foundation in rehabilitation nursing, as well as for units and facilities looking to provide consistent, flexible, and personalized rehabilitation nursing training to their staff.

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Professional Rehabilitation Nursing (PRN)

The PRN Online Course is designed for nurses new to rehabilitation and those who may float to rehabilitation units. It provides a comprehensive education in rehabilitation nursing concepts and clinical skills as well as a thorough overview of the rehabilitation specialty for experienced nurses studying to take the CRRN Exam.

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Restorative Nursing Assistant (RNA)

The RNA Online Course provides basic training to nursing assistants. It addresses the principles of restorative nursing and is designed to be used on its own or in conjunction with its companion - ARN Restorative Nursing: A Training Manual for Nursing Assistants. Each tool covers the same fundamental topics, allowing nursing assistants to learn the material using the unique interactive online learning platform, as they follow along with the manual. Buy the tools together as a bundle at a discount!

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