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"As our country mourns, we are here for each other…"

ARN President, Dr. Patricia Quigley, issued the following message via Member Circle on February 22, 2021, to memorialize the grim milestone passed in the U.S. on this day when the country exceeded more than half a million lives lost to COVID-19. Members may login to view responses to Pat's original message and leave their own comments here.

Dear Colleagues,

As a country we have such deep sorrow for the unimaginable milestone that marks February 22, when the U.S. exceeded more than 500,000 lives lost to COVID-19.

For all who have lost loved ones—colleagues, family, friends—please feel our embrace of comfort.

For all who were at a patient's side, providing comfort, touch, soft words or song, and on the phone with family and loved ones during the final hours, minutes, and seconds—you are forever cherished by those who could not be there.

May the loss of this disease slow to few, and the hope of vaccines speed towards life-sparing.

For all your care, sacrifice and compassion, for those lost, surviving, and recovering, you are cherished beyond words.

Let us all give thanks for being a nurse, and know that we are here for each other,



ARN President, 2020-2021 

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