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Nearly 1,000 Rehab Nurses Respond to ARN Engagement Survey

Last month, ARN members and CRRN certificants were invited to participate in an Engagement Survey conducted by ARN's Engagement Task Force. Thank you to everyone who responded to this call for feedback and shared their insights!

About the ARN Engagement Task Force 

A key goal of ARN's 2020-2023 Strategic Plan is to enhance member and stakeholder engagement. An Engagement Task Force was established earlier this year to begin the work of assessing ARN's existing engagement activities and to identify areas for growth and improvement. One of the task force's first steps was to disseminate a comprehensive Engagement Survey.

The ARN Engagement Task Force is chaired by Billy Kinsel, and Maureen Musto serves as Board Liaison. "The Engagement Task force is excited and energized by the strong participation in the survey and the commitment to participate in the focus groups," says Billy. "We feel confident that we can leverage this valuable input to improve engagement with ARN by better meeting the needs of ARN members. This is a real unique opportunity for ARN members and non-member CRRN participants to help shape their organization."

Initial Survey Insights

ARN members and CRRN certificants can expect to learn more about the Engagement Survey results in the coming months. In the meantime, here is an early look at the results!

Survey participation

Approximately 10% of ARN members and 5% of non-ARN member CRRN certificants who were invited to participate in the survey responded. The ARN Engagement Task Force is so thankful to the wonderful outpouring of feedback, which totals nearly 1,000 individual responses!

Overall ARN member & CRRN certificant satisfaction 

Ninety-two percent of members indicated that they would recommend ARN as a great organization to their friends or colleagues, and 90% of CRRNs said they would recommend CRRN certification to their friends or colleagues. Furthermore, 95% of members surveyed strongly agreed or agreed with the statement, "I am proud to be a member of ARN." Ninety-eight percent of CRRNs, including both ARN member and non-ARN member CRRNs, strongly agreed or agreed with the statement that they are proud to be CRRN certified.

Members overwhelming commented that ARN's focus on the rehabilitation nursing specialty makes it stand apart from other organizations they belong to. "ARN is tailored to my passion for rehab nursing," shared one respondent.

Top benefits of ARN membership and CRRN certification

Members ranked the following benefits as those they were most satisfied with in the past year:

  1. Receiving the bi-monthly Rehabilitation Nursing Journal
  2. Receiving the ARN Pulse newsletter
  3. Networking with other rehabilitation nurses
  4. Participating in live and on-demand educational events or webinars
  5. Member Circle online community

Top benefits of CRRN certification that were cited included:

  • Recognition
  • Respect
  • Knowledge
  • Patient care
  • Pay increase
  • Confidence
  • Personal satisfaction

Opportunities for improvement

Throughout the Engagement Survey, ARN members and non-ARN member CRRNs were encouraged to provide feedback both on what ARN/RNCB does well and where they see room for improvement. Some of the opportunities for improvement included:

  • Reducing costs and offering additional opportunities to earn free CEUs.
  • Increasing participation in and awareness of local chapters.
  • Creating new networking and mentorship opportunities.

Congrats to survey respondent gift card winners!

As a token of appreciation for the time that survey respondents dedicated to sharing their feedback, ARN randomly selected four survey participants to receive Amazon gift cards. Congratulations to the following winners! (Winners were previously contacted.)

  • Amy Baker
  • Dolly Varghese
  • Daniel Webel
  • Betty Young-Cryer

Next Steps

The ARN Engagement Task Force is hard at work to further analyze the results of this survey. Additionally, everyone who completed the survey was asked if they would be willing to participate in a focus group this summer. There was a great response of interested members and non-ARN member CRRNs. Those focus groups will take place in the coming months and will provide further insight to the task force.

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