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Improve Your Leadership Skills with Three New Courses

ARN has partnered with Walden University College of Nursing to offer three leadership courses. Below is a brief overview of each course.

Understanding Organizational Culture: In this micro-course, learners explore the components of organizational culture and examine its significance. Managerial action steps required to change an organization's culture is also covered.

Conflict Management in Healthcare: Unresolved conflict in healthcare settings can lead to lowered productivity, increased turnover, and diminished patient outcomes. During this course, learners will understand why conflict happens and define conflict management styles.

Effective Communication in Healthcare: From communication between health practitioners and patients to communication between healthcare leaders and their staff, sensitive and urgent information is constantly flowing. You and your team must be able to communicate effectively to achieve desired patient outcomes and promote employee wellness, productivity, and satisfaction. In this micro-course, Effective Communication in Healthcare, you will examine concepts and strategies that can help healthcare leaders and healthcare workers communicate effectively.

Enroll in these beneficial programs via ARN's Learning Center. These online courses are hosted by Walden University College of Nursing. After you purchase this course through the ARN Learning Center, you will be sent instructions for accessing the content through the Walden University Learning Management System.

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