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Rehabilitation After Urgent or Elective Orthopedic Surgery: The Role of Resilience in Elderly Patients

An investigation published in RNJ seeks to identify what role resilience plays in the rehabilitation outcomes of elderly people

In general, resilience is thought of as the capacity to bounce back from injury or trauma. With regard to older adults, resilience can be described as the ability to achieve, retain, or regain a level of physical or emotional health after illness.  

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Next-generation cancer rehabilitation: A giant step forward for patient care

Research published in Rehabilitation Nursing Journal makes the case for incorporating cancer rehabilitation as part of cancer survivorship care 

The number of cancer patients and survivors is rising worldwide. An American Cancer Society 2019–2021 report on cancer treatment and survivorship estimates that the U.S. population of cancer survivors will increase to more than 22.1 million by 2030 due to the growth and age of the population alone.

Last month Catherine Alfano, PhD, vice president of cancer care management and research at Northwell Health Cancer Institute and published Rehabilitation Nursing Journal (RNJ) author, wrote an op-ed in Newsday titled "Doing right by cancer patients." In the piece, Dr. Alfano discusses the growing need for the medical community to focus energy and resources on caring for cancer patients and survivors. "It's time to take a broader view of cancer care. Treatment is not just about vanquishing the disease; it's also about keeping people healthy and feeling as good as possible for the rest of their lives," writes Dr. Alfano.

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